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ClickSaver 3.1.7 released.
ClickSaver 3.1.6 released.
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Kimi's Anarchy Online Resources

This is a resource site for Anarchy Online, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) you can play over the Internet.

After playing it since March 2003 I'm only playing it rarely these days. Still I've gathered some knowledge and resources in this site that I hope will be useful to you.

If you're looking for all the resources available to your profession, I suggest you click on the corresponding link below:

   Adventurer    Agent    Bureaucrat    Doctor    Enforcer    Engineer    Fixer
   Keeper    Martial Artist    Meta-Physicist    Nano-Technician    Shade    Soldier    Trader

NanocrystalKnowledge Base

The Nanocrystal Knowledge Base is a compendium of nanocrystal information for the 14 professions, with hands-on information on how to get them:
  • Answers the eternal "are they store-buyable, garden-buyable, rollable, dynacampable?" questions.
  • Includes reasonably recent (1-Jan-2012) RK1/RK2 GMS prices for the non-store-buyable, non-garden-buyable nanos, and also for the unrollable IDs.
  • Provides links to The Rimor/Atlantean Market Watch LIVE reports for each and every unrollable nano, so you can know who's selling them.

The Rimor/Atlantean Market Watch watching

The Rimor/Atlantean Market Watch engine scans the trade channels 24/7 and generates LIVE "who's selling what" individual reports like this one in real time, one report for each of the 200+ unrollable nanos and IDs. You will find links to them in my Nanocrystal Knowledge Base.

non-store-buyableNanos and IDs for sale & Symbiants for sale

The Rimor/Atlantean Market Watch also watches for 1000+ non-store-buyable nanos, rollable or not, and generates Nanos and IDs for sale pages like this one accordingly. The same thing applies for the 1000+ symbiants, reported in the Symbiants for sale pages like this one, and the most demanded armor and other items.

The ingame Market Watch bots also help buyers finding sellers in a couple of ways. Click here for details.

The Anarchy Online ClickSaver Rollability Facts page helps answering the eternal questions:
"Can I roll this item with ClickSaver?" "Is it hard to roll?"

Here's a list of third party tools I've used and recommend to all Rubikan citizens, including emergency download links in case the main tools' sites are down.

Have fun! :)
Javier M. Arpa
Javier M. Arpa

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Recent Site News

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14-Jul-2015 - ClickSaver 3.1.7 Released
ClickSaver 3.1.7 has just been released, with support for EASY ITEM BLITZING !!!

Check all the differences between 3.1.7 and 3.1.0

14-May-2015 - ClickSaver 3.1.6 Released
ClickSaver 3.1.6 has just been released!!!
Check all the differences between 3.1.6 and 3.1.0

7-May-2015 - ClickSaver Databases Updated
I've updated the ClickSaver local databases with information extracted from the 18.7.1 patch files.
You can download yours here.

And more ClickSaver-related news!!!

28-Feb-2013 - AORC+ updated
I've patched AORC+ so it connects to the right chat server after the 26-Feb (Server Merge) patch. More info here.

3-Feb-2013 - Market Watch shutdown
I've shut down permanently the Market Watch service and bots.

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