OT Kerans Automatic Grinner

The Heavy Grinner is a good example of how half-automatic hybrid weapons are not in fashion. The launcher system of the gun was a clever design though, and although it's heavy, it's also very easy to aim. The idea of sulphur-coated lead projectiles was also good, especially since sulphur is abundant on Rubi-Ka. Unfortunately the sulphur does almost no additional damage. The Heavy Grinner is a common patent, this re-design was both due for and possible. The initative and result leading to the making of it is actually a good example of how well OT listens to their citizens: Candice Kerans had tested many sub-machine guns, but found few that had the right combination of speed, weight, firepower, clip size and ease of maintenance. She got the chance to hold the Heavy Grinner once though, and instantly recognized its potentional. By using the proper channels she reached the right people within the OT hierarchy. Carefully she explained her vision, funds were found and research started. Prototypes were built, a new system for sulphur coating were invented, field tests were done - and slowly the KAG got the shape it has now. Feedback so far indicates that Miss Kerans idea was a good one.

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