CAS Symbiotic Armor Gloves

Symbiotic armor is a further improvement of the spectacular organic- and graft armors. It was made using liquid nanobots - following a procedure devised by the Clan Anarchist Syndicate. When you wear it, it grafts itself onto your body, sending tendrils deep into your body that link up the armor with major organs. When you remove the armor, it will retract these tendrils. Putting the armor on causes extreme pain, and more than a few people have actually died from shock doing so. The functionality of the armor resembles the defense mechanisms of the body itself, only many times more effective. The armor becomes an extension of the body, gathers resources from the body of the host, and uses them to keep itself operative. The amount of resources gathered by the symbiotic armor is noticeably bigger than with graft- or organic armor, but most wearers do not feel any discomfort from it.

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