High-Quality Nadir Steel-Ribbed Armor Sleeves

The Nadir Steel-Ribbed Armor got its name from Nadir Antagonist. Nadir Antagonist is probably one of the least successful Fixers the universe has ever seen. He was a native of Rubi-Ka, and fiercely loyal to the clans. He spent most of his life working for the clans; however, he managed to botch every single assignment they gave him. In the process he also drew a huge amount of attention to himself. On several occasions he came very close to doing great harm to Omni-Tek, but somehow he never managed to get the final step right. In the end Omni-Tek officials got tired from constantly fending off his intrusions, and attempted to stop him for good. He managed to evade their attempts for many years, often by sheer luck and the protection provided by his suit of armor, but in the end his luck ran out. Nadir was last seen running for his life with several mean-looking droids in close pursuit. The main change to this version of the Steel-Ribbed Armor is that every rib is separately insulated to protect the wearer from heat.

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