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What did you see in the Market Watch Troubleshooting page?

1 - I saw Test passed

Then you shouldn't have a problem viewing the Market Watch pages (sample).
If you saw this and you're still havings problems with some page,

* Clear your browser's cache.
* Retry reloading the page a few times.

If you still have problems with it, let me know that you saw 'green test passed' and cleared your cache,
the url of the problematic page and the problem you're having with it.

2 - I saw Javascript execution is disabled

You must enable Javascript in your browser in order to view Market Watch pages properly.

3 - The page did not load completely

Then you're having access problems to the server, which is where the
Market Watch data files (including the test file used in the previous page) reside.

This could be because you may have some server filtering/blocking
enabled in your PC or in your network, blocking access to
Contact your PC or network administrator to check this...

But it's most likely a ISP-related problem: either your ISP is blocking you from accessing files,
or is denying service to your ISP for unknown reasons.

Although there's nearly nothing I can do in this case, feel free to let me know about it.
If I receive enough user complaints about the same ISP I'll let people know
that the ISP is "Market Watch unfriendly". Make sure to include the following information:

* What's your ISP?
* What's your computer location? (Country, State, City)

Email me about it.

In this case I suggest you attempt to resolve the issue with your ISP.
Let them know that you can't access this test file, and see what solution they give you.

And if they don't give you some satisfactory answer, I suggest changing ISPs.
After all, an ISP (Internet Service Provider) is supposed to provide you with access to the web pages you want to view, isn't it?

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