AtlanteanAncient Containersfor sale, as reported by the Atlantean Market Watch

Atlantean Ancient Containers for sale

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These are the Ancient Containers recently put for sale in the Anarchy Online Atlantean/RK1 dimension.

This page is automatically updated whenever someone puts for sale an item in this category in the trade channels. By checking here every once in a while you'll be in touch with the trade channels even if you're out of the cities, in mission buildings, dynacamping, Shadowlanding or even not ingame. Yes, even when you're supposed to be at work :P - Oh, and if you're waiting for some item to appear in this page, don't forget to RELOAD THE PAGE as often as you want.

Buyer's FAQ: I want to buy some item shown in this page. How can I do it?
Answer: Find the name of the player who posted it in the "Posted By" column
and send him or her a /tell asking if the item is still for sale.

Hint: If you're Clan, hover over the item link and look for 'id=224098' in the url.
Omnis can do the same looking for 'id=224110'.

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3-Feb-2013 - The Market Watch engine and bots are down at the moment,
and I see no reason to turn them back on,
so most likely they will stay down forever.

The following items are reported in this page:

Seller's FAQ: I want my items shown in this page. How can I post them?

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