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Izgimmer's Mockery (Nanos and IDs)

Nano Crystal - When Julius Enfraam proclaimed during a lecture that the coding for his 'Perfected Fortification' nano formula was crafted with such skill that no one would ever be able to match it, Mehar Izgimmer took it as a personal insult. In a single sitting lasting 37 hours, Izgimmer took apart Enfraam's coding, and added his own code to enhance the already 'perfect' code, further enhancing its effects. When Enfraam received a copy of the code, he is reported to have flown into such a rage that he had a minor stroke. This formula increases all ACs by 331 points, and increases maximum health by 350 points. It also increases nano resistance by 140 points.
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3-Feb-2013 - The Market Watch engine and bots are down at the moment,
and I see no reason to turn them back on,
so most likely they will stay down forever.

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  • Ch (Channel) : CI, CX, CL, CC = Clan shopping 1-50, 11-50, 50-100 and 100+ ; OI, OX... = Same for Omni ; NI, NX... = Same for Neutral ; P = From private tell.
  • Posted by : The player who posted, (deleted) or (N/A). A !!! after a player's name means that the player has posted something to the MW-monitored trade channels in the last ten minutes, so it's very likely that he or she is available for trade. Player names are intentionally tagged as (N/A) 48 hours after their post to prevent them from receiving too many "are you still selling that?" questions. The item is still kept in the database just to show its rareness, measured as its frequency of appearance in the trade channels.

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  • The engine attempts to monitor the channels 24h a day, but at this point it may miss about 15 minutes of trade activity each day.

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