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Rimor Market Watch (RMW) Live Test

This page is intended only as a latency test for the Rimor Market Watch engine. It should show the last items posted to all the RMW monitored channels usually with a delay of 2 to 4 minutes.
This page doesn't reload automatically. Feel free to reload at will to keep it current.

Sellers: If you want your items shown in the Market Watch reports, scroll down for instructions.

First time RMW user? Check the notes at the end of this page.

3-Feb-2013 - The Market Watch engine and bots are down at the moment,
and I see no reason to turn them back on,
so most likely they will stay down forever.

Sellers: If you want your items shown in the Market Watch reports, post them
* to the "OT shopping 11-50" channel while you're in some omni city (tipically Rome, or Omni-Trade), or
* to "Clan shopping 11-50" while you're in some clan city (Tir, Old Athen, West Athen), or...
* to any of the "11-50" channels while you're in some neutral city (Borealis, Newland), or...

Now you can post your symbiants, non-store-buyable nanos, weapons and other items directly to the Market Watch pages even if you're not in one of the above areas.

This feature should be useful if you're a nanoblitzer, dynacamper and/or symbiant hunter. You can publish your items in the MW as soon as you find them without waiting to be in a "trade channel" area, so you can keep on with your blitzing/dyna activity.

You can do this with a /tell to Mwbot - For a batch of items you may want to do this:
* /cc addbuddy Mwbot
* Select it as your chatting partner and
* Drop items to it as you would with a trade channel
* Oh yes, and ignore the "I am afk" type replies you'll get from it. :)

Tell your items in the same way as you would post them to the trade channels. Items told directly to the MW char will appear in the relevant MW reports with a "P" tag (meaning "from Private tell") instead of the trade channel indicator (CX,CL,OX...).
If you post one item per line, the whole line will appear in the MW reports. You can use this to include the price in your posts. On the other hand, if you post multiple items per line only the item references are posted in the MW reports and the remaining information is discarded.

Posted items appear first in this page. After appearing here they are shown in the remaining reports, more or less with this priority:
  • 'WTS stuff' indexes sorted by QL (sample: nanos and symbiants)
  • Aggregate unrollable nanos by profession (sample)
  • Individual nanos (sample)

Thanks for posting! :)

  • Timestamps for this timezone.
  • Ch (Channel) : CI, CX, CL, CC = Clan shopping 1-50, 11-50, 50-100 and 100+ ; OI, OX... = Same for Omni ; NI, NX... = Same for Neutral ; P = From private tell.
  • Posted by : The player who posted, (deleted) or (N/A). A !!! after a player's name means that the player has posted something to the MW-monitored trade channels in the last ten minutes, so it's very likely that he or she is available for trade. Player names are intentionally tagged as (N/A) 48 hours after their post to prevent them from receiving too many "are you still selling that?" questions. The item is still kept in the database just to show its rareness, measured as its frequency of appearance in the trade channels.

  • The engine attempts to monitor the channels 24h a day, but at this point it may miss about 15 minutes of trade activity each day.

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