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Hi! This is the data I've got about Anarchy Online Adventurer Nanocrystals and Instruction Discs.
This listing might be useful to you if you're wondering...
Only non-store-buyable nanos are listed. Check here for store-buyables store-buyables.

By the way, some of these nanos may be for sale on Rimor or Atlantean.

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Price R/A: These are the average prices in Rimor/Atlantean as of 1-Jan-2012, checked in the Global Market Search (GMS) terminal with a neutral player with access to Neutral, Clan and Omni shops.
For nanos with Avail=SLG, it's an estimate of the price in the Garden/Sanctuary for a player with Comp. Lit. around 235.
This is only intended as a rough guide to the nano's real value, although it will be very useful if you're completely unaware of nano prices and about to sell, for instance, a QL60 Instruction Disc (Summon Grid Armor Mk I) to the shop (big mistake!).

Avail = Availability:
  • R - This nano is (or was) rollable in nanocrystal form. I've rolled it myself with ClickSaver either as mission reward or "item to find". Check the F link to get the rollability facts for this nano.
  • SLG - Available in some SL garden or sanctuary. Check the notes for more info.
  • D - Unrollable. RK Dynaloot according to Trajanaxis' list and/or other sources, may drop from mission bosses too.
  • QR - Unrollable, Quest Reward.
  • ur - Unrollable. Probably boss-loot unless there are specific notes for it.

For the unrollable nanos I've provided an (ID) link as well, because in some cases you can find users' questions & answers on how to get them in Auno's ID description. You may find R/A GMS prices next to the ID too.

RMW - Link to a LIVE Rimor Market Watch report for this nano and/or ID.
AMW - Same for Atlantean.
VP - "Visual Profession" nano: Agents can upload it.

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These are the recently added Adventurer nanos, store-buyables included. Some of them may not be ingame though.
215  Calia's Figure: WolfNodrop, Patch 17.9, Coursey quest reward
165  The Great ExplorerNoDrop, Patch 17.7, Ashley quest reward ; Level 120+ required to start cyborgs sub-quest
215  Improved Seed LifeNoDrop, Patch 17.7, ICC/DB quest 1st reward
215  Poisonous biteNoDrop, Patch 17.7, ICC/DB quest 2nd reward
215  Improved Vengeance of NatureNoDrop, Patch 17.7, ICC/DB quest 3d reward
215  Superior Seed LifeNoDrop, Patch 17.7, ICC/DB quest 4th reward
175  Cold BloodedNodrop, Patch 17.5.0, Pen Xan quest reward
175  MisdiagnosisPatch 17.0.0, buyable in LE nano shop with Victory Points
60  A Clear Sense of Scheol (Team)Nodrop, 'Jobe Scientists' Scheol quest reward
60  A Clear Sense of Scheol - Extended (Team)Nodrop, 'Knowledge of the Yuttos' Scheol quest reward

ClickSaver-friendly lists, rollable nanos only, verified with the Rollability Database:
Adventurer, non-store-buyable and store-buyable
All professions, non-store-buyable

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Other professions' listings: General    Adventurer     Agent     Bureaucrat     Doctor     Enforcer     Engineer     Fixer
    Keeper     Martial Artist     Meta-Physicist     Nano-Technician     Shade     Soldier     Trader

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