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Hi! This is the data I've got about Anarchy Online Enforcer Nanocrystals and Instruction Discs.
This listing might be useful to you if you're wondering...
Only non-store-buyable nanos are listed. Check here for store-buyables store-buyables.

By the way, some of these nanos may be for sale on Rimor or Atlantean.

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Price R/A: These are the average prices in Rimor/Atlantean as of 1-Jan-2012, checked in the Global Market Search (GMS) terminal with a neutral player with access to Neutral, Clan and Omni shops.
For nanos with Avail=SLG, it's an estimate of the price in the Garden/Sanctuary for a player with Comp. Lit. around 235.
This is only intended as a rough guide to the nano's real value, although it will be very useful if you're completely unaware of nano prices and about to sell, for instance, a QL60 Instruction Disc (Summon Grid Armor Mk I) to the shop (big mistake!).

Avail = Availability:
  • R - This nano is (or was) rollable in nanocrystal form. I've rolled it myself with ClickSaver either as mission reward or "item to find". Check the F link to get the rollability facts for this nano.
  • SLG - Available in some SL garden or sanctuary. Check the notes for more info.
  • D - Unrollable. RK Dynaloot according to Trajanaxis' list and/or other sources, may drop from mission bosses too.
  • QR - Unrollable, Quest Reward.
  • ur - Unrollable. Probably boss-loot unless there are specific notes for it.

For the unrollable nanos I've provided an (ID) link as well, because in some cases you can find users' questions & answers on how to get them in Auno's ID description. You may find R/A GMS prices next to the ID too.

RMW - Link to a LIVE Rimor Market Watch report for this nano and/or ID.
AMW - Same for Atlantean.
VP - "Visual Profession" nano: Agents can upload it.

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These are the recently added Enforcer nanos, store-buyables included. Some of them may not be ingame though.
20x You are NextPatch 18.0.0, buyable in LE nano shop with Victory Points
215  Improved Element of MaliceNodrop, Patch 17.9, Coursey quest reward?
160  Greater FortifyNoDrop, Patch 17.7, Ashley quest reward ; Level 120+ required to start cyborgs sub-quest
215  Improved Prodigious StrengthPatch 17.7 - Ingame?
215  Mongo DeCrushPatch 17.7 - Ingame?
215  Improved Essence of Behemoth+54 Str&Sta, NoDrop, Patch 17.7, ICC/DB quest 1st reward
215  Superior FortifyNoDrop, Patch 17.7, ICC/DB quest 2nd reward
215  Improved Mongo Crush!NoDrop, Patch 17.7, ICC/DB quest reward?
215  Mongo's Ultra Improved BehemothNoDrop, Patch 17.7, ICC/DB quest reward?
184  Ice BurnNodrop, Patch 17.5.0, Pen Xan quest reward
175  SlowdownPatch 17.0.0, buyable in LE nano shop with Victory Points

ClickSaver-friendly lists, rollable nanos only, verified with the Rollability Database:
Enforcer, non-store-buyable and store-buyable
All professions, non-store-buyable

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Other professions' listings: General     Adventurer     Agent     Bureaucrat     Doctor    Enforcer     Engineer     Fixer
    Keeper     Martial Artist     Meta-Physicist     Nano-Technician     Shade     Soldier     Trader

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