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ClickSaver 3.1.6 released.
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14-Jul-2015 - ClickSaver 3.1.7 Released
ClickSaver 3.1.7 has just been released, with support for EASY ITEM BLITZING !!!

Check all the differences between 3.1.7 and 3.1.0

14-May-2015 - ClickSaver 3.1.6 Released
ClickSaver 3.1.6 has just been released!!!
Check all the differences between 3.1.6 and 3.1.0

7-May-2015 - ClickSaver Databases Updated
I've updated the ClickSaver local databases with information extracted from the 18.7.1 patch files.
You can download yours here.

And more ClickSaver-related news!!!

28-Feb-2013 - AORC+ updated
I've patched AORC+ so it connects to the right chat server after the 26-Feb (Server Merge) patch. More info here.

3-Feb-2013 - Market Watch shutdown
I've shut down permanently the Market Watch service and bots.

31-Jul-2012 - ClickSaver 3.1.0 Released
ClickSaver 3.1.0 is available for download. It's fixed to work with path 18.5.0, includes a rolls-per-minute counter and a few more things.

22-Dec-2009 - Amwbot and Rmwbot replaced by Mwbot
The Market Watch bots (Amwbot and Rmwbot) have been replaced with Mwbot in both dimensions.

5-Sep-2009 - ClickSaver 3.0.0 Released
ClickSaver 3.0.0 is available for download. Includes many local database (LDB) changes, and a tiny (2.7M) premade LDB so you can start rolling without any additional LDB download or attempt to create it.

5-Aug-2009 - ClickSaver guide for rolling premade specific implants by ID
I've just published this how to roll premade specific implants with ClickSaver guide, and some match strings for common implants.
They should be useful for low-level twinks, especially if they need exact QLs like 101 or any other that can't be achieved by known tradeskilling. Well, they were useful to my last twink anyway. :)

23-Jul-2009 - Interpolation Table Maker
I've just made an Interpolation Table Maker page, which includes example table links that show the best QLs for popular twinking items.

The example tables are for twinking items I use often. By all means feel free to use the tool for making your custom tables! :)

14-Jul-2009 - ClickSaver 2.4.4 Beta2 Released
ClickSaver 2.4.4 beta2 is available for download. Includes indicators that show the number of active items, locations and mission types during the rolling process.

5-Jul-2009 - ClickSaver 2.4.4 Beta1 Released
ClickSaver 2.4.4 beta1 is available for download. Includes fixed local database creation code for AO patch 18.1, Match *Find* Only option, enable/disable buttons for items and locations and a few more features.

2-Jul-2009 - Visual Profession (Agent FP) Nanos Revealed
You will find a new "VP" field in the Nanocrystal Knowledge Base pages, to identify at a glance the Visual Profession nanos, that is, nanos that agents can upload if they have the corresponding profession FP nano.

There are a few nanos that are uploadable but NOT castable by agents. You'll find those marked as VP=!!! like in this Doctors page. Here's the list if you want to know:

Calia's Morph: Wolf - QL201 Adv
Calia's Morph Sabretooth - QL203 Adv
Calia's Anatomy: Sabretooth - QL212 Adv
Calia's Anatomy: Wolf - QL218 Adv
Calia's Figure: Sabretooth - QL219 Adv

Supervisor-Grade Worker-Droid - QL7 Crat
Improved Bot Reproduction - QL37 Crat
Improved Soothing Calm - QL90 Crat
Improved Cut Red Tape - QL159 Crat

Improved Instinctive Control - QL90 Doc
Improved Nano Repulsor - QL99 Doc

Improved Poison Modification - QL1 Fix
Improved Lesser Nano Boost - QL10 Fix
Improved Contact Poison - QL27 Fix
Improved Hasty Augmentation Cloud - QL43 Fix
Improved Venom Modification - QL60 Fix
Improved Nano Boost - QL80 Fix
Improved Lifebane Modification - QL90 Fix
Improved Augmentation Cloud - QL106 Fix
Improved Greater Nano Boost - QL136 Fix
Improved Advanced Augmentation Cloud - QL142 Fix
Improved Targeted Augmentation Cloud - QL149 Fix
Improved Neural Interfaced Augmentation Cloud - QL159 Fix

I've included the field also in the keeper and shade listings, even though there's no FP nano for those professions at the moment, and only one VP keeper nano.

Btw, thanks Sicaria for the first review. :)

27-May-2009 - Aorc and Aorc+ for new chat servers
Since I use Aorc daily, and Aorc+ pretty often, I've taken some time to patch both exe files so they work with the new chat servers. You will find the links here.

7-May-2009 - Patch 18.0 New Nanos
The site has been updated with patch 18.0 new nanos available at the LE nano shop.

3-Apr-2009 - 11-50 Trade Channels Supported
The Market Watch pages support, since 14:00 GMT, the "new" 11-50 trade channels introduced in patch 18.0.2.

22-Sep-2008 - Patch 17.10 New Nanos
The site has been updated with patch 17.10 new nanoformulas. There are two for each profession. In order to get them you need to assemble Alien Matrix Alpha Box and Alien Matrix Beta Box from APF loot.

18-Jul-2008 - New Market Watch Page for Uniques
Added Market Watch page for Unique items.

18-Jun-2008 - Patch 17.9 New Nanos
The site has been updated with patch 17.9 new nanocrystals: One for BS pet users (LE store buyable), and one for every profession except for MA, MP and Shade.

14-Jun-2008 - ClickSaver 2.4.3 Released
ClickSaver 2.4.3 is available for download. This is the same version as 2.4.3 beta1, with the beta tag removed after the mandatory test period.

30-May-2008 - New Market Watch Pages for Explosifs and Extruders
Added Market Watch pages for Explosif's Polychromatic Pillows, and Extruder Nutrition Bars.

23-May-2008 - New Market Watch Pages for Weapons
Added Market Watch pages for Scimitars of Spetses, Russian Good Days and Corpse Cutters.

16-May-2008 - New Market Watch Pages for DB Infusers and Rings of Power
Added Market Watch pages for DB Infusers and Rings of Power.

9-May-2008 - Notifications of Updated Market Watch Reports
All Market Watch pages automatically check for an updated version of the report you're viewing, so you don't have to reload the page until you see the 'updated' notification.

You will see this in action at the top of the reported items, for instance in the last posted items pages for RK1 and RK2.

2-May-2008 - Last Posted Items Pages Include 'Compare' Links
The last posted items pages for RK1 and RK2 include More links next to every item that deserves Market Watch classification.
Buyers can use these links to compare the offer just posted with similar recent offers, possibly with pricing information.

For instance, next to a "WTS Omni-Med Suit Shirt full set" offer, you will find this More link with other offers for treatment armor items.

25-Apr-2008 - Market Watch Pages Include Item Icons
All Market Watch pages include item icons so you can locate your items of interest faster.
For instance, get a clearer, iconified view of the "WTS stream" with the live test page.

Notes about icons for nanos:
  • Unrollable nanocrystals and instruction discs are shown with the corresponding nanoformula icon.
  • Rollable non-store-buyable nanocrystals are shown with the corresponding nanoformula icon.
  • Store-buyable nanocrystals are shown with the nanocrystal icon.
For instance, here's an iconified nanos for sale page.

18-Apr-2008 - New Market Watch Pages for Sector10 Items
Added Market Watch pages for Alien Tanks , Sec10 Phatz and Sec10 Misc items.

14-Apr-2008 - ClickSaver 2.4.3 Beta1 Released
ClickSaver 2.4.3 beta1 is available for download. Includes the ability to roll specific implants or other items by ID, qualifiers to roll items at certain QLs, and a few minor improvements.

1-Apr-2008 - Site News Available by RSS Feed
This site's news are now available by RSS XML feed. Add to Google Add to My Yahoo

15-Mar-2008 - NKB: Recent Profession Nanos
The main nanos page includes links to the recently added profession nanos.

13-Mar-2008 - Patch 17.8 New Nanos
The site has been updated with patch 17.8 new nanos: One for engies and one for fixers.

16-Jan-2008 - Recent Profession Nanos Listed
You will find the recently added nanos for your profession in your profession resource page. For instance, these are the Adventurer new nanos.

15-Jan-2008 - Patch 17.7 New Nanos
The site has been updated with patch 17.7 new nanos, 5 new nanos for each profession.

28-Aug-2007 - New Market Watch Pages for Miy's Armor
As promised, I've just added Market Watch pages for Miy's Melee Armor, Nano, Ranged, Scary and Tank.

26-Aug-2007 - New Market Watch pages: Alappa Pads and Basic AI Armor
Added Market Watch pages for Alappa Pad Parts and Basic AI Armor items. Pages for Miy's Armor coming soon...

  • Patch 17.5 LE nanos have been added to the store-buyable nano lists.
  • A lot of rollable items have been renamed or re-QL'd in patch 17.5, so I've updated the Rollability Facts database accordingly, and released a new ClickSaver pre-made local database also.
  • About script issues between August 3 and 10:

These days you may have observed that some of the script dependant pages were not working properly, and were showing "Page not found", "Error 404" or whatever errors instead of their expected content.

That happened, for instance, when you tried to view an item's details, check some rollability facts or use one of the links redirecting to an external page.

The issue was due to an unannounced server reconfiguration in the server that runs the scripts. Apparently the process went bad and left the server misconfigured.

As I write this I've managed to apply a workaround that should enable the scripts to run properly by now. It's provisional though, so it may stop working without warning again.

Anyway I'll have a closer eye on the issue until I feel it's satisfactorily fixed. In the mean time feel free to contact me if you see some of the above sample links not working for you.

Take care,

Added Market Watch pages for Crystalised Memories, 17.3 tradeskill items (Ancient and Misc), Blood-Soaked Cloaks, IQ Rings and Crawler Armor.

Most of the Market Watch pages include a list of the items being watched/reported in that page. For instance, the Notum Tank Armor page includes this list now:

The following items are reported in this page:

This should help in case you're looking for a certain item (i.e. a Light Notum Tank Armor) that hasn't been posted in the last 48 hours, so you don't see it in the report and you're not entirely sure that you're looking at the right report. If you see it in the list of watched/reported items you can be sure that you're looking at the right page.

In the next few days I'll be shutting down the Market Watch service for RK3/Die Neue Welt due to lack of users for that dimension. The Market Watch service will still serve the RK1 and RK2 dimensions for the time being.

The site has been updated with patch 17.3 new nanos.

Patch 17.2 LE nanos have been added to the store-buyable nano lists.

The Market Watch engine and bots are down since 9:11 GMT due to a temporary loss in ADSL service. Unfortunately the matter is in the hands of the ISP's bureaucrats and technicians, so I really don't know when the service will be restored.

As promised and following up with 9-Nov new Rollability Facts search modes, I've just released a new ClickSaver beta version with a Rollability Check button that allows you to check the effect of any item match string directly from the "Items" tab.

I've just added a couple of search modes to the Rollability Facts page. One of the modes is the ClickSaver item match string syntax, which will be extremely useful for ClickSaver users.

This mode emulates the ClickSaver item match logic, allowing users to verify that the strings they have in the "Items" tab will match the intended items, and nothing more than the intended items. This should help avoid frustrating experiences like trying to roll a Deluxe Mausser with the match string Deluxe Mausser, going away for an hour and when you're back find that ClickSaver has "successfully" rolled a Deluxe Mausser Particle Streamer Construction Manual. Doh!

By the way, in that case you should've rolled with the string Deluxe Mausser -Manual for instance.

Of course next thing I'll do when I have the time is release a ClickSaver version which will allow to check the item match strings directly from the "Items" tab.

  • The items script will also show GMS symbiant prices if available. For instance: Active Right Hand Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban.
  • Changed the behaviour of the Market Watch live test pages (RK1 RK2 RK3): Now they show up to 50 items instead of 30 and don't reload automatically, which actually was a bit annoying.
  • Added <Dimension> Market Watch live test links in the Go straight to... navigation bar.

  • Today I've done another GMS price check for nanocrystals and IDs both in Rimor and Atlantean. You will find updated prices in the non-store-buyable sections of the Nanocrystal Knowledge Base, and for the first time you will find Atlantean nano/ID prices there too!
  • Oh yes, just released another ClickSaver beta version with a new feature.

A few changes applied to the non-store-buyable section of the Nanocrystal Knowledge Base:
  • The nano lists have been changed to paged style, showing around 25 items per page.
  • The prices have been updated with prices from a recent (22-Sep) GMS check in RK2.I've managed to automate the GMS price checking process, so it's likely that I'll be able to keep the nano prices updated monthly.

Proxy Errors Fixed
These few weeks back I've noticed that the item and rollability cgi scripts were showing Proxy Error too frequently instead of the content they were expected to show. I've been waiting a bit for the hosting provider to come up with a solution, but since it's not coming I've decided to move the cgi scripts to another host. For instance you will find links like Summon Grid Armor Mk I (ao-item) redirecting to some reliable cgi host instead of direct cgi links like Summon Grid Armor Mk I ( cgi) which is likely to produce proxy errors.

It's done! - These days I've been compiling SL and AI nanocrystal data for all professions, updated the Nanocrystal Knowledge Base accordingly, and finally added support for the Keeper and Shade professions.

Price information for many of the newly added non-store-buyable nanos is still unavailable though, but I'll take care of that sooner or later.

Also, on 15-Sep the Market Watch started watching and reporting all non-store-buyable SL and AI nanos, so they will show in the WTS Nanos pages.

Considering that ClickSaver 2.3.1 will most likely be incompatible with the upcoming patch 16.3, I suppose it's a good time to make available my unofficial ClickSaver version, which fixes the compatibility problem in addition to providing a few new features...

...which kind of leaves me with no excuses left for delaying the work on Keeper and Shade stuff.

Item offers from this date on are reported with two changes:
* In item offers that are more than "just the item", only the item text is shown as clickable link.
* Item offers for items that the MW engine identifies as rollable are shown with a link to rollability facts for it.

i.e. Old style: WTS 16 - 31 NCU Memory 2x 50k
New style: WTS 16 - 31 NCU Memory 2x 50k   Rollability Facts for this item

19 to 23-Jul-2006
Added Market Watch support for RK3/Die Neue Welt, see the DNW live test page for details. However DNW trade channel usage figures are still very low compared to RK1/RK2, so DNW Market Watch support may have to go down eventually. If you want to know, minimum-maximum items posted per hour figures range in the order of 0-125 for RK3, versus 200-2000 for RK1 or RK2 at the moment.

To all Keepers and Shades that have asked recently why there are no nanos for them in the Nanocrystal Knowledge Base or in the Market Watch:

First of all, thanks for your interest. Mainly it's by historical reasons:
The Nanocrystal Knowledge Base is built upon a database of nanos I was dealing with in the pre-SL days, when keepers and shades didn't exist. The Market Watch for nanos is based on that same database, so there's no SL nanocrystal at all at the moment.

The good news is I actually have those developments in my to-do tree.
The bad news is I develop AO stuff only when I have time and feeling like it, and there are a few higher-priority developments, so I can't even give a release date for it.

So what are those few higher-priority developments?

These days I'm nearly finishing an AO project that was necessary, among other things, to verify the rollability info for the Keeper and Shade nanos. It's a searchable Rollability Database that will allow you to verify whether I've rolled or not an item of your interest, and provides information about how hard to roll it is. This one should be released around early April.
But if you're reading this you're proving your loyalty to this site, so I guess I'll have it to grant you access to it, even though it's in beta-test at the moment. :)

Also, in order to build the Rollability Database I've had to develop my own ClickSaver version that allows to make 10k rolls non-stop, avoiding the annoying "no missions available, please try again later!" message. I've made a few more modifications to ClickSaver that would be welcome by everybody, so I guess I'll release it sometime soon too.

After 1.5 years since the Market Watch started running and having received zero "I can't see the MW pages" user reports, since 23-Feb I've received reports from a few (7 so far) users who are unable to view the MW pages properly anymore and are getting "Index data not complete" or "Report data not complete" errors instead.

So, to the users who reported: Thank you for using my site and taking the time to report these errors. Also I'd like to let you know that this is not happening to you alone, but it's not a general MW problem either. And finally...

I've just setup a Market Watch Troubleshooting page to help explain why that's happening and suggest a few actions.

Anyway and after checking the MW page counters, I must add the system is delivering the usual thousands of daily pageviews so it looks like it's working fine for everyone else, me included. :)

I've installed a Market Watch Watchdog in all the Market Watch pages.
Its mission is to detect and alert you whenever the Market Watch engine is offline, so when that happens you don't rely on the Market Watch reports.

This month I've been checking the Rimor Global Market Search terminals for prices of all the non-store-buyable nanos listed in the Nanocrystal Knowledge Base, and updated their prices accordingly.

I've just finished adding icons to every nanocrystal listed in the Nanocrystal Knowledge Base. Makes it easier to locate the nanos of your interest and it adds up to the overall site beauty too. :)

This last month I've been doing a serious bit of demand-based developments to the Market Watch, "demand-based" meaning I've been researching on the "wtb stream" part of the ingame trade channels and producing features to satisfy the demand. And the features are...

  • In addition to the WTS Nanos and IDs and WTS Symbiants pages, the engine is now monitoring the most demanded weapons, armor and other items, and publishing live reports accordingly. With these additions the Market Watch is now supplying reports to cover about 50% of the total "wtb stream" demand.

  • In order to help buyers contacting sellers, the ingame Market Watch bots ( Mwbot for Atlantean and Mwbot for Rimor) monitor the "wtb stream". If the bots find that some buyer wants to buy some market-watched item that some seller has put for sale in the last 48 hours, the bot suggests the buyer to check the corresponding Market Watch page. At this moment the bots only send a suggestion to the same player every three days, however...

  • This feature is also available by direct tell to the bot: If you want to see it in action, you want to be reminded of the url or check if there are new items in some category without the once-every-3-days limit, just send a tell to Mwbot (Atlantean) or Mwbot (Rimor) with your 'wtb' query.
    For instance: /tell  Mwbot wtb notum chips
    If the bot is able to parse your query, it should tell you the url of the corresponding report and a brief summary of what you will find in it.

Beside the demand-based developments, the following improvements have been made to index pages, you know, the ones sorted by QL like this one:

  • Index pages now display items' timestamps in a "posted N hours ago" style, rather than in the previous "Spain time". Individual and aggregate reports still show the old timestamp style though.

  • Index pages don't autorefresh every two minutes anymore. If you want to refresh an index page to check for new items you'll have to use your browser's reload button.

  • Index lines are now marked in light yellow when your mouse hovers over them, so it's much easier to spot who's selling an item and how long ago it was posted.

And last but not least, I've managed to remove the upload bottleneck between my Market Watch engine PC and the server. Now even the lowest priority reports (the individual symbiant ones) should be updated with only a few minutes delay. However with this bottleneck removal an old feature is lost too: The individual and aggregate reports won't show recent status icons (yellow, green or grey) anymore.

Taking a break now! :)

The engine is also watching for trade channel activity in Borealis and Newland. Now you can post your items to any of the 1-50 trade channels while you're there, and they will show in the Market Watch reports.

Good news for nanoblitzers, dynacampers and symbiant hunters! Now you can post your items to the Market Watch reports without having to travel back to a market-watched city. Check the Rimor or Atlantean Live Test pages for details.

18-Jun-2005 4:20
I've just set up an indicator in the Market Watch that should help buyers locating sellers: When you see three red exclamations (!!!) after a player's name it means that player has posted something to the MW-monitored trade channels in the last ten minutes, so it's very likely that he or she is available for trade. Happy buying! :)

17-May-2005 7:00
The Market Watch engine has been down since yesterday 9:15 due to my DSL cable being broken in a hard to find place. Found and fixed, but about 20 hours of trade activity are lost. Sorry!

I've just set up a script to view item details simultaneously from and ; I still prefer Auno because users can add their comments to items, but this will be welcome by users that prefer to view their items in Aomainframe. Oh, and it will come in handy too whenever any of the servers goes down.

For instance here's how a GA1 nano would show up in the new style: Summon Grid Armor Mk I

Webmasters and Developers! You're welcome to link to this "dual item database query" script instead of or if you think your project will benefit with it. For QL-unique items you only need to provide the AO item id as in the GA1 link above. For QL-diverse items you must supply the QL too, as in this link.

Hope it helps! :)

The Market Watch engine was offline between 6 and 16-Feb due to the engine's PC hard disk death. I've been able to restore it but all item records from 31-Jan to 14-Feb are lost, so you will find a 14-day hole in the reports.

1-Dec-2004 12:00
The Rimor/Atlantean Market Watch engine only listens to the Clan and Omni "1-50" trade channels from now on. Sorry, but I'm not playing AO, don't have a reason to keep my main account open and I'm not receiving enough donations from the site to pay for it, so the Market Watch will listen with chars from free trial accounts. This is the best I can offer without user support.

Updated the rollability info for the adventurer's "Calia's form: {something}" (self) nanos.

The Atlantean "Clan 100+" ingame trade channel is also being watched by the Market Watch engine.

The "Symbiants for sale" pages are just released! I think I'm gonna take a break. :)

The "Symbiants for sale" index pages, as generated by the Rimor/Atlantean Market Watch, are open for beta-testers.

While preparing the system for the surveillance of symbiants, I've realized that, due to insufficient uploading speed from my Market Watcher PC to the server (that's the trouble with the "A" in ADSL), the system is still perfectly able to upload the support files for the unrollable nanocrystals' individual reports for both dimensions, but not much more than that, so I'll be tuning up the service accordingly. To begin with:
* Nothing changes for the 200+ unrollable nanos and IDs. However the unrollable items will appear first in the corresponding aggregate report than in the individual report, so if you're looking for some specific nano, you may want to have an eye on the aggregate report also.
* The 1000+ individual reports for the rollable nanos will disappear, but the nanos will still be watched and reported in the "WTS Nanos" pages, along with the last seller's name.
* The 1000+ symbiants will be watched and reported much like the rollable nanos, in their "WTS symbiants" pages.

The Atlantean Market Watch is fully operational. You will find links to its 1000+ reports all over the site.
Thanks again to Ranakor for resolving my old tech issue and thus allowing me to grow the level 50 chars that are scanning the Atlantean channels. ;)

I'm off to promote the AMW a bit, and then I'll probably finish the Symbiants RMW/AMW reports.

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