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"All of Rubi-Ka owes you a huge debt of gratitude for having the new ClickSaver ready and functional, so does Funcom for not losing all of the people for whom losing ClickSaver would have been the last straw. That was a real huge move, pat yourself on the back, and drink a toast to yourself, you earned the Kudos. /me Awards 5,000,000 Funcom Tokens and a new title for the board: Kimi's Medal of Excellence, bows graciously, and bids you happy hunting."

Authorita (RK2) (30-Aug-06, shortly after patch 16.3 went live)

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ClickSaver 3.1.7 released.
ClickSaver 3.1.6 released.
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ClickSaver System Requirements, Installation and Download - Last News
Download a local database - Troubleshooting
Rolling premade specific implants by ID: Match strings for common implants - How to get your custom match strings
ClickSaver newbie?

Hi there!

In case you're new to it, ClickSaver is a tool for rolling missions automatically in Anarchy Online, according to search criteria provided by the user.
With ClickSaver, you can...
  • Get a meaningful overview of the 5 missions you get each time you hit on the mission terminal [ Request Missions ] button, without actually having to look inside each mission description.

  • Check if an item you're intending to roll for is rollable or not, and auto-roll until a mission that rewards with a specific item or one of a list of items is found.

    ClickSaver 3.1.0 supports rolling by ID, so you can also auto-roll premade specific implants, normal (QL1-200) or refined (QL201+).

  • Auto-roll until a mission is found in a specific location, or even in a given rectangle within that location. For instance,
    // City of Home
    Broken Shores (450-800,1300-1650)
    // DB: Protect Sean Powell (Informant)
    // Useful to have a safe spot while you're doing the quest
    Southern Fouls Hills (2602-2603,2895-2896)
  • Auto-roll until a mission that has a higher cash reward (including reward items' shopfood value) than a value of your choice is found.

  • Roll only the mission types that you want. For instance, you can exclude "Kill person" missions.

System Requirements: Windows XP or higher: XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. Works with 32 and 64-bit versions. Apparently it works in Linux too, and according to some users, it does in Mac with CrossOver!.

And of course, it works with the current (18.8.62) AO patch,

with the classic or the new graphics engine!

Installation is "old school" or "portable": After downloading a release package, make a directory with whatever name wherever you like (better not under c:\Program Files or whatever it's called in your language), and unzip the package files there. Uninstallation is "old school" too. Just delete the files and that's it.

I'm only testing ClickSaver under Win7-64 in windowed mode. Sorry, I've never been a fan of fullscreen mode.


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ClickSaver News


ClickSaver 3.1.7 Released - 14 Jul 2015

ClickSaver 3.1.7 is here, thanks to supportive donators, with a brand new IotG (Items on the Ground) tab, ready to detect and log the location of items on the ground, including mission lifts (normal and boss), treasures, buffers (shadow rifts), mines, and of course, the target items in "Find Item", "Return Item" and "Repair" RK missions, which allows...


(see video demo below)

ClickSaver tab, IotG

Read more about the 'IotG' tab

Read more about Easy Item Blitzing

Check all the differences between 3.1.7 and 3.1.0!


ClickSaver 3.1.6 Released - 14 May 2015

Yup, ClickSaver 3.1.6 is here, including the brand new "Mish QLs" tab:

Check all the differences between 3.1.6 and 3.1.0!


Rollability news - 11 May 2015

I've just updated the rollability database with a few facts I've been aware of recently, and published the relevant rollability news report, also including some old news I didn't publish earlier.


Databases updated, new ClickSavers coming soon and more - 7 May 2015

I've been rolling some missions after 18.7.0, and found that at least one rollable item is missing from the old databases, so I've remade them with patch 18.7.1, and I recommend you download and install a new database if you can't extract it on your own.

Also, thanks to the site donators, I'm motivated enough to release at least a couple new ClickSaver versions soon. There will be a 3.1.6 for donators sometime this month, and a 3.1.1 sometime in June.

Even more: I've recently reactivated my paid account for a month, and have been using the Market Terminals to check if my favorite rollable items still sell. And yes, they do!!! I've managed to sell rollable items for 25m, 20m, 13m, many for 10m, a few more for 3-9m... So I'm thinking of writing those into a report and sending it to my dear donators! ( I love you all :* )

Patch 18.7 - 30 Apr 2015

Yes, yes, yes: ClickSaver 3.1.0 is still working fine with "the mother of all patches", and I'm still giving out ClickSaver 3.1.5 to the donators that qualify for it.

Issues with Windows 7 64 - 7 Aug 2012

You may want to try this fix if you're having such issues.


Notes to ClickSaver 3.1.0 - 31 Jul 2012

ClickSaver 3.1.0 sometime soon - 23 Jun 2012

Mkay, at least I've had some time to setup the development environment and get familiar with the source code again.
Can't guarantee a release date yet, but it should be ready sometime "soon"... before the AO new graphic engine anyway. :p

ClickSaver 3.0.0 not working with patch 18.5 - 19 Jun 2012

Yeah, yeah, I'm aware of it, not really concerned though. I'll take a look at it as time allows.


Notes to ClickSaver 3.0.0 - 5 Sep 2009

This version brings meaningful changes to the handling of the local database (LDB), so I guess it's a good time to change the major version number.
  • New LDB engine and compact data format used, resulting in size reduction of 1/3 versus the classic LDB size (25M vs. 84M). The old engine's file libdl40.dll is no longer included in the pack.

  • New LDB tab shows the LDB in use, as well as some details, stats and notes about it, and general LDB options.
  • LDB tab with Tiny.cdb

  • ClickSaver looks for a LDB it can use in three filenames, in this order: Test.cdb - All.cdb - Tiny.cdb ; All.cdb is the equivalent of the classic "all-items-in-here" AODatabase.bdb ; More about the others later.

  • All.cdb without icons All.cdb without icons
    All.cdb All.cdb with icons

  • The ClickSaver package includes a tiny premade LDB (Tiny.cdb ; Check the New LDB tab image above), so you can start rolling without any additional download or attempt to LDB creation. Tiny as it is, it's carefully crafted to supply all the data necessary for rolling, with looots of unrollable items excluded from it, of course. Anyway...

  • ...the LDB tab includes "Not found items" / "Error rate" stats to determine if your current LDB is up to the task. If these stats show some non-zero while using Tiny.cdb, you're welcome to download an all-items All.cdb. "Not found item" errors are also reported in the "Buying agent is running" dialog status bar as "NF:", and also logged to cs-err.log ; If a certain item isn't found N times, it will count as N errors, but logged only once in cs-err.log

  • ClickSaver is now tolerant to items or icons missing from the LDB, so you can even use a Test.cdb with items intentionally omitted to verify the "Not found items" counters.

  • Test.cdb

  • By the way, if you use a LDB without icons (i.e. Test.cdb or All.cdb without icons), ClickSaver uses the mission interface space that was reserved to display icons, to show the remaining mission elements wider.

  • About LDB creation: The old "Create the LDB after each AO patch under threat of program instability" behavior is abandoned in favor of "Download or create when you feel like it or when it's reasonable to do so".

  • Even though LDB creation is not encouraged, it is made safe since this version. Your current All.cdb is preserved until a new one is successfully made. If any error happens in the process, it's logged in cs-err.log along with a link to the creation troubleshooting page

  • The dll required to read the AO Resource Database during LDB creation (ctreestd.dll) is no longer included in the pack

And a few non-LDB changes:
  • Deleted the "Alert Box" option. Hitting OK on the alert box often erased the selected mission icon, and sometimes even other icons, which smelled very badly of bug. The option was only marginally useful, and gone the option gone the bug so... gone!

  • The cryptic whine "I won't ever find any mission with your current settings and watch lists" that has been scaring first-time users for years has been replaced with more reasonable messages.

  • The mission panels now refer to reward items as "Rew" and "Rewards" instead of "Item" and "Items".

Rolling premade specific implants by ID - 5 Aug 2009

It looks like this subject required further explanation, so here's a couple pages to clarify it: Match strings for common implants and How to get your custom match strings.


Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.4 beta2 (Download here) - 14 Jul 2009

Ah well, I missed a feature in 2.4.4 beta1, which reveals the effect of the Enable / Disable buttons:

Added indicators to the rolling status bar that show how many items, locations and mission types are currently active in the rolling process.
Items and locations that have been disabled with the Disable This / Disable Rest buttons are not counted as active.

For instance, when rolling with 1 item, 2 locations and 3 mission types enabled, this will be shown as: I:1, L:2, T:3
When rolling for 2 items, with Match in Buying Agent disabled for locations and types, this will be shown simply as I:2


Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.4 beta1 - 5 Jul 2009

  • Fixed the local database creation code to work with AO patch 18.1.0 ; I've also added a % progress indicator to the task.
  • Maximum tries limit raised to 99,999 from 10,000.
  • Added a filter for impossible locations: While rolling, missions in Milky Way (3186-3187,1084-1085) will be ignored. If you go there you'll know why :)
  • In the Items and Locations tabs there are four new buttons (Enable This, Disable This, Enable Rest, Disable Rest) to temporarily enable or disable items and locations. Personally I use mostly Disable Rest in items when I want to roll for a certain item, and Enable Rest when I'm done.
  • Items tab: A new Match *Find* Only option allows you to roll missions where an item of interest appears as item to find.
A typical application of Match *Find* Only: A level 112 char (the roller) rolls a QL200 mish for a to-find Maharanee pistol, gives his key or a copy of it, maybe for a price, to a higher level char (the blitzer), along with the mission coordinates found in cs-res.log. The blitzer can then go there, look for the item and just pick it up from the ground.

A couple important notes when using Match *Find* Only:
  • Obviouslly, the roller must make sure that the item is rollable as item-to-find, like in the Maharanee example.
  • The roller must not delete his mission before the blitzer has entered it. Otherwise he won't be able to enter and will be very annoyed, especially if he has paid a price for the rolling.

Patch 18.1.0 - 28 Jun 2009

Since patch 18.1.0, ClickSaver 2.4.3 is unable to extract the local database from the AO resource file. In order to continue using the program, please download the pre-created local database unzip it and copy the AODatabase.bdb file to ClickSaver directory.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.3 - 14 Jun 2008

  • No changes, just removed the 'beta' version tag after the mandatory test period.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.3 beta1 - 14 Apr 2008

  • Options tab: A new AO 'Use/operate target' Key setting is available, with 'E' as default value. You must change this only if you plan to use multiple mission auto-accepting and you have a different key defined in your client F10 / Hot Keys / Actions / Use/operate target setting.
  • Added blue AO icon to ClickSaver.exe to make it easily recognisable in your desktop.
  • Added item attribute tags for more accurate matching. The available tags are <mql=N> <rql=N> <lid=N> <hid=N> for item rewards, and <mql=N> for items to find.

<mql=200> will match the item only if you're rolling QL 200 missions. The item can be matched either as reward or item-to-find.
<rql=200> will match the item only if its QL is 200. This applies only to reward items.
<lid=106955> will match the item only if its low ID is 106955. This applies only to reward items.
<hid=106955> will match the item only if its high ID is 106955. This applies only to reward items.

A few applications, from my personal LastSettings.cs:

(If the "pre-made implants" bit looks interesting, take a look at this guide and the match strings for common implants page).
// Find pre-made implants with exactly the wanted clusters
// No need to find the basic imp + the clusters + the tradeskiller anymore!
// Match any QL2-200 "Head Implant: Treatment, Shiny" that boost treatment+sense, int required
// Match the QL2-200 "Head Implant: Treatment, Shiny" that boost treatment+sense, agi req

// Match the grafts only when rolling QL 200 mishes
<mql=200> Boosted-Graft: Lesser Deflection Shield (Extended)
<mql=200> Boosted-Graft: Playful Cub
<mql=200> Boosted-Graft: Enhanced Senses

// Match items that are best at low QLs, with 1 QL margin
<mql=10> Concrete Cushion
<mql=11> Concrete Cushion
<mql=100> O.E.T. Co. Jess
<mql=101> O.E.T. Co. Jess
<mql=160> Belt Component Platform 6K-X
<mql=161> Belt Component Platform 6K-X

  • The Found wanted mission entries in cs-res.log include the item match string that triggered the match, i.e.:
 *** Found wanted mission, QL200 #3
     loc 665: 647.0 1310.8 Broken Shores
     find Super SOL Fire Executioner Type T
 *** item match string: <hid=106957>
 *** reward QL200 Head Implant: Treatment, Shiny (DB Id 106957/106957)
Thanks to Serafix and Dr. Thamar for the feature suggestions, and to Geneticus for the blue AO icon. :)

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.2 - 5 Jul 2007

  • No changes, just removed the 'beta' version tag after the mandatory test period.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.2 beta2 - 14 Apr 2007

When this option is enabled the items list is treated as a buy list.

If you're auto-accepting missions with Buy List (AA) Mode enabled, every time a mission is auto-accepted for an item, that item is marked as auto-accepted with an (AA) before it, to avoid rolling it a second time.
Organic Armor Boots
Organic Armor Gloves
Organic Armor Helmet
Organic Armor Pants
Organic Armor Sleeves
Organic Armor Sleeves
Organic Body Armor

For instance if you have the above in your list and you run a seven auto-accept roll session, you should end up with seven missions, one for every piece of armor, and the list looking like this:
(AA)Organic Armor Boots
(AA)Organic Armor Gloves
(AA)Organic Armor Helmet
(AA)Organic Armor Pants
(AA)Organic Armor Sleeves
(AA)Organic Armor Sleeves
(AA)Organic Body Armor
So after blitzing the seven missions you end up with a full set of organic armor.

Note that in this case there are two instances of Organic Armor Sleeves because we want to get two sleeves.

Buy list mode in combination with auto-accepting should ease the rolling of item sets, like basic implants and clusters for custom implants, nanocrystals for your chars, armor sets, etc.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.2 beta1 - 8 Feb 2007

  • Adapted the slider setting code to patch 17.1.0 wider sliders.
  • Sliders tab: Added a Reset Sliders Now button that undoes the slider settings, for those of you that may find the persisting sliders non-optional feature annoying.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.1 - 5 Dec 2006

  • No changes, just removed the 'beta' version tag after the mandatory test period.


Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.1 beta4 - 14 Nov 2006

  • Added a Rollability Check button to the "Items" tab, see below.

In this case for instance, selecting the "periodic tech armor" match string and clicking on Rollability Check would take you to this Rollability Facts page.

This button should reveal what you can roll with any item match string and hopefully save you some frustration, like when you try to roll a Deluxe Mausser with the string deluxe mausser and you end up with a mission for Deluxe Mausser Particle Streamer Construction Manual instead. In this case, simply using (and verifying if you want) the match string deluxe mausser -manual would give the intended result.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.1 beta3 - 5 Nov 2006

  • Fixed a problem with the "Set Sliders" function moving the sliders a bit more to the left than they should, especially for the settings 10, 20 30 and 40%. This was affecting mostly the "Easy/Hard" slider and the mission QLs.
  • Parsed the item-to-find in 13 previously unparsed find-item/return-item mission types. If you've noticed that ClickSaver sometimes wouldn't show an item in the "Find:" field of a find-item/return-item mission, it's because it couldn't extract the item from the mission description. I'll be adding more unparsed missions types as I discover them.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.1 beta2 - 5 Oct 2006

  • New "Sliders" feature: You can set your character level, view what mission QLs you can roll and set the Easy/Hard slider value by pressing one of the mission QL buttons. Easier to explain in an image:

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.1 beta1 - 5 Sep 2006

  • New "Locations" option: All Missions in Same Location. If enabled and you're auto-accepting multiple missions, all missions will be picked in the same location as the first one. Location match must be enabled for this option to work.
Sample output for a match-any-nano, same-location, multi-accept=3 session:
 *** Found wanted mission, QL134 #1
 *** loc 665: 535.6 1482.6 Broken Shores
     find Waist Implant: Chemical AC, Shiny
 *** reward QL139 Nano Crystal (Perfected Shielding Barrier) (DB Id 70590/70590)
 Will roll remaining missions in Broken Shores (450-800,1300-1650)
Done 8/9992 QL134 rolls, 1/2 accepts - Found wanted mission

 *** Found wanted mission, QL134 #1
 *** loc 665: 731.4 1430.5 Broken Shores
     find Flawless Kevlar Armor Sleeves
 *** reward QL143 Nano Crystal (Touch of the Specter) (DB Id 210741/210741)
Done 13/9987 QL134 rolls, 2/1 accepts - Found wanted mission

 *** Found wanted mission, QL134 #1
 *** loc 665: 562.4 1508.2 Broken Shores
 *** find Nano Crystal (Team Skill Wrangler (Superior))
     reward QL134 Layered Large Rider Squibber (DB Id 125338/125339)
Done 18/9982 QL134 rolls, 3/0 accepts - Found wanted mission

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.0 - 29 Aug 2006

  • No changes, just removed the 'beta' version tag after the mandatory test period.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.0 beta5 - 6 Aug 2006

  • Fixed: ClickSaver sometimes presented the dialog "The local AO items database is missing or outdated" twice after patching to a new AO version.
  • The features Ignore manual rolls and Retry rolling on timeout, introduced as permanent in 2.4.0 beta1, are now available as options with default 'no' values to mimic ClickSaver 2.3.1 behaviour.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.0 beta4 - 2 Aug 2006

  • Added compatibility with AO patch 16.3 (in the test server atm). Thanks to handyengi at HQ forums for noticing the problem before the patch went live.

  • If rolling in team, the number of team members is reported as '2T' up to '6T'. This should help revealing 'bugged team' situations, like when you see 6 people in your team but missions only have 5 rewards actually (shown as '5T').

  • Fixed a bug dealing with incorrect interpretation of the location list. For instance this location list:

Foo Location (1-2,3-4)
Milky Way

could've been misinterpreted as:

Foo Location (1-2,3-4)
Newland (1-2,3-4)
Andromeda (1-2,3-4)
Milky Way (1-2,3-4)

... making it impossible to roll anything in the three real locations.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.0 beta2 - 1 May 2006

  • The Go to Kimi's ClickSaver page button in Options tab should work in the newest operating systems, i.e. Windows XP.

Notes to ClickSaver 2.4.0 beta1 - Late April 2006

In order to develop the ClickSaver Rollability Facts page I had to make a new version of ClickSaver that could handle really serious rolling sessions without getting stuck in the "no missions available, please try again later!" message.

While I was working on it, I also added a few enhancements to fit my own rolling needs:

  • Ignore manual rolls: The missions from manual rolls are intentionally not logged. This feature is available as an option in 2.4.0 beta5.

  • Retry rolling on timeout: If ClickSaver doesn't receive mission data for 7 seconds while the buying agent is running, typically because of the "no missions available, please try again later!" message or because the mouse moves away from the Request Missions button, it will retry. In addition, if Options/Sounds is enabled and the file retry.wav is in the ClickSaver directory, it will play it to announce this event. This feature is available as an option in 2.4.0 beta5.

  • If Options/Sounds is enabled and the file roll.wav is in the ClickSaver directory, it will be played every roll.

  • Results Log: A file cs-res.log is maintained with a summary of your rolls. In case of a successful match, the mission details are logged, i.e.:
Done 1890/6410 QL141 rolls - AO is not running
Done 1910/4500 QL141 rolls - Stopped by user
Done 400/0 QL249 rolls - Roll limit reached
Done 151/849 QL215 rolls - Stopped by user
 *** Found wanted mission, QL149 #2
     loc 615: 1600.3 2142.4 Southern Fouls Hills
 *** find Nano Crystal (Flawed Warbot)
     reward QL149 Senior Aero Borealis Corona (DB Id 122629/122630)
Done 39/9961 QL141 rolls - Found wanted mission

  • New option: Pause/Resume tracking AO focus. If enabled, you don't have to "Stop buying agent" to switch to another application. You just switch to your email program for instance, and when you're done with it switch back to AO. ClickSaver will resume the rolling session.

  • Mission auto-accepting. You can edit the # of Mish box near the Start Buying Agent button: Set to 0 (default) for the usual behaviour ; Set to 1 for auto-accepting the first mission that matches your search criteria ; If set to 2 or more, ClickSaver will try to auto-accept that number of missions according to your search criteria. Check the notes below for this case. This feature was half-developed in the source code available at Halorn's site.

  • ClickSaver title bar always shows the QL of the missions just rolled, the number of rolls done/remaining and, if you're auto-accepting missions, the number of missions auto-accepted/remaining.

Auto-accepting two or more missions

In order for this to work make sure that:
  • Your client Use/Operate target AO option is set to E (default value). You will find this AO option with F10 / HotKeys / Actions. Note: Since v 2.4.3 beta1 if you use a key other than E, you can configure ClickSaver to adapt to it.
  • ClickSaver's Sliders values are set according to your preferences.
  • The AO Missions dialog is closed.
  • You have enough space in your inventory for the mission keys and repair items for the number of missions you want.

With these conditions met:
  • If you're playing in windowed mode:
    • Target the individual or team mission terminal
    • Hit Start Buying Agent

  • If you're playing in full-screen mode:
    • Hit Start Fullscreen mode
    • Target the individual or team mission terminal
    • 'Use' it to bring the mission request dialog
    • Hit once on Request Missions

Hope it helps! :)

These ClickSaver versions are based on a GPL-less ClickSaver 2.3.1 source downloaded from the official site on 9-March-2006.




Can't make the local database?

See if the local database creation page helps. If not, you can always download a premade LDB for your ClickSaver.
I'm not updating the LDBs after every patch, but after patches that include a certain number of new items or when Funcom decides to change the names or QLs of rollable items.

This should be useful if for whatever reason your system is unable to create the local database, or if it takes less time to download the file than to create it, or even if you don't feel like closing AO to make it.


Issues with Windows 7 64

Some users have reported issues with ClickSaver 3.1.x under Windows 7 64-bit after patch 18.5.0. Issues include:
  • Hitting on [Request Missions] doesn't update the mission information in the ClickSaver window.
  • If starting CS before AO, AO hangs after entering the password. If starting AO before CS, AO hangs when starting CS.
Personally I've witnessed only the first one, but anyway the solution to both seems to be this:


Miscellaneous tips

Installing ClickSaver outside of the c:\Program Files (or whatever it's called in your language) directory seems to fix many ClickSaver issues. Read also the troubleshooting AO installation thread for additional tips.


Internet Explorer 8

There used to be some ClickSaver problems after users installed IE8. Apparently it's fixed by starting ClickSaver from its folder rather than from a shortcut.


AO crash in connection.dll under Windows XP

Some users have reported this problem. Luckily one of them got it fixed and the fix seems to work for others, so there it goes:
The problem is called DEP (buffer underrun protection) in Windows.
To get the clicksaver working, you have to do this:

Log in as administrator. Go to Control Panel/System. Select tab
"advanced/performance/settings". Select Date Execution Prevention tab.
Select turn on DEP for all programs. Then add an exception for
client.exe, locate in AO directory. That's it! You may need to restart
Thanks VK! :)


How to run ClickSaver under Linux

I'm not a Linux user myself, so haven't tried it, but apparently it's feasable to run ClickSaver under Linux. Thanks Surfs! :)

See also this Nov 2009 thread.

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