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I'm not stuck anymore!!! :D

Thanks very much to Ranakor, an Atlantean kind soul that read this page, identified the symptoms and provided an effective solution. Thanks to Nvidia too. :)

If anyone else is having the same type of problem and has a Matrox G450 or similar, I suggest the same that Ranakor told me, that is, replace the Matrox with a Nvidia or ATI video card, even if the Matrox appears as "tested" in AO's Troubleshooting page. I don't think it's been tested after Shadowlands release. Well, it has by Ranakor and me with very poor results :P

(was "I'm stuck / Delivery terms")

If you're thinking about buying or selling nanocrystals, Instruction Discs or anything to me, there's one fact you must know:

I'm completely stuck inside Anarchy Online's Rimor/RK2 Old Athen northern superior shop, that is, the shop at Old Athen coordinates 390,515 and I'm only attending business inside there, usually at GS1, since this shop in particular is rarely crowded. The shop is west from Old Athen grid exit, and north from Old Athen-Jobe whompa.

What does it mean to you? Well, if you're clan or neutral you can easily do business with me. If you're an omni citizen you have some options:
  • Send some clan or neutral alt or friend to meet me on your behalf.
  • Come yourself, but be warned that you'll be attacked by clan guards. It might be a good idea to buy and upload an "Old Athen" map, and disable damage shields or other stuff that may annoy the guards and PvP-flag you.

  • How's that I'm stuck in there? Well, if you want to know...

  • Before the Shadowlands release I was perfectly able to move anywhere in Rubi-Ka.
  • After the Shadowlands release I started experiencing crashloops when I was outdoors, but I could live with it.
  • After patch 15.4.x I started to experience very frequent crashloops just by going outside from a shop, let's say that at least 50% of the times I tried to go out, I crashed outside. However, I was able to setup a (painfully) slower PC that didn't crash outside, so I was still able to move outdoors with it to neutral territory for delivery to omni citizens.
  • Shortly after patch 15.5.x (the "new chat windows" patch) I can't go ingame with ANY char or create any new char in my main PC. On my slow PC I can't go ingame with chars that are outdoors, but I still can go ingame (after some retries) with my main, who is 'safely' delivering nanos inside this shop.

  • For those of you willing to help, I really thank you for your concern :) , but I've already tried, lots of times since Shadowlands, all of these:
  • Uninstall/reinstall the game
  • Upgrade/downgrade video drivers
  • Play without sound
  • Minimize all graphical settings
  • Disable firewalls
  • Renaming the Prefs folder
  • ...And every other tip I found on forums. Nothing worked.

  • The only thing I'm not trying is to reinstall the OS, since my main PC is working reliably with every other piece of software installed, other games included.

    For those of you who think "I can play AO, so the problem is not AO, is your PC": I'm glad you can enjoy AO, I used to enjoy it too. Maybe my PC is compatible with every piece of software except AO, or I've got some undetectable virus that only affects AO. Anyway, these are the facts and I'll have to live with them. I've discovered I don't really need to play AO anyway, so no problem.

    Laters! :)

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