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Are you troubled by the eternal questions?

"Is this item rollable with ClickSaver"?
"Is it hard to roll"?
"In what mission QLs can it be found"?

Until now pro and amateur blitzers all over Rubi-Ka could get answers to those either
by rolling missions themselves or by asking the veterans.

Although you get correct answers most of the time, veterans are often too busy to answer,
may have not rolled what you're looking for and reply "no", or give contradictory answers.

Never mind. Since March 2006 I've been working to get the facts, just the facts:
I've been systematically rolling and logging mission data whenever my PC was not busy,
parsing and feeding it to a Rollability Database you can query.

I must admit I've been using my own enhanced version of ClickSaver to get rid
of the annoying "no missions available, please try again later!" message.
It's just impossible to make any serious rolling with that message getting in the way.
Well, if you've been into rolling for a while you know the feeling.

Anyway, I've rolled in a wide mission QL range, getting a meaningful number of items in each QL.
Check the Rollability Database Statistics for details.

Also and for the sake of completeness I'm incorporating some ClickSaver logs donated from contributors,
especially for those mission QLs I'm unable to roll yet and I know they contain rollable items
I haven't found in my own logs. Well, as of today I'm only using logs from one contributor, so

Thanks Mirzhan! :)

Even so, I'm sure the database is NOT complete, i.e. not every rollable item is in there.
That knowledge is probably only in the hands of the AO developers.
This is only a "what I've rolled" database, but I'm pretty sure
more than 97% of the rollable items are there for you to check 24/7.

Hope it helps! :)

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