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ClickSaver and a few more essential Anarchy Online tools

These are some Anarchy Online tools I use and recommend to all Rubikan citizens:



ClickSaver is a tool for rolling missions automatically, according to search criteria specified by the user. You can automatically look for missions that reward with a specific item or one of a list of items you're looking for. You can look for missions whose building is at a specified location, or use it for browsing an overview of the five missions you get each time you request a mission generation without actually having to peek inside each mission description. Once you've mastered ClickSaver, no one can say you're a newbie anymore. :)

You should find the last official version here, but last time I checked it didn't work, so you may want to know I'm maintaining a feature-rich unofficial ClickSaver version (v3.1.0 31-Jul-2012).

I'm also maintaining a special edition,

packed with even more features like


and Multiple Mission Auto-Accept

Read all about ClickSaver 3.1.7 (14-Jul-2015) "Donator's Edition" here.

Also, you may want to check these links after downloading:


Anarchy Online Item Assistant Plus (AOIA+)

When you run AOIA+ alongside Anarchy Online, it will keep track of all your items for all your toons in a local database. It lets your browse and search for items easily. Especially useful if you're back in the game after a long time without playing it, and you're not familiar with your packs' contents anymore. Once you start using it, you can't live without it anymore.


Nano Nanny

Nano Nanny is THE tool for designing implants. If the main page is down try getting it here.

Oh, and if you're as lazy as me about implant crafting,


Anarchy Online Relay Chat (AORC)

Anarchy Online Relay Chat (AORC) is a Windows application that allows you to chat with your AO pals, monitor the public channels and participate in them without actually being ingame, even from a PC that hasn't the game installed. AORC works fine for me with Windows 98 SE and XP. The official site was down last time I checked it, so here's an alternate link. I patched and tested this one so that it worked with the 26-May-2009 Funcom chat servers. I'm not updating this one for the new (26-Feb-2013) unless I see some interest in it. I've updated AORC+ though, see below.

Please note that the link above is for the last official version, which is quite old. This version, Classic if you want, still works with the AO chat servers, but it doesn't parse the xml code that populates the chat channels, so it would be useful only to techies interested in seeing what that code looks like or to anyone who's willing to make some kind of bot to monitor certain chat channels.

If you're looking for a more "human-friendly" version, you may find an unofficial download link to Aorc+ here, Delphi sources included.

I don't know if that version is updated, but since I'm using Aorc+ often, as of 28-Feb-2013 I've just patched and tested the aorc+.exe (download here) so that it works with the new (26-Feb-2013) Funcom chat servers. You can log to either of the 3 main dimensions, you will land in the same place. :)

For instance, here's what you would see with AORC and AORC+ if someone posted a Basalis ring to some trade channel:
  • With AORC (xml code, unclickable item): WTS <a href="itemref://202717/202718/80">Ring of the Nucleus Basalis</a>
  • With AORC+ (clickable item): WTS Ring of the Nucleus Basalis

Use caution though: Keep in mind that both AORC and AORC+ are third-party applications with internet access which ask for your AO account login and password. Although I can say I've used Aorc and Aorc+ for years with my paid and froob accounts, and haven't had any problem whatsoever.

AORC+ Source

Recently (Oct 2019) I've been contacted by someone wishing to modify AORC+ but he couldn't find the source code to it. I found it among my files, and it comes with a readme allowing for source distribution, so here it is: AORC+ source in Delphi. Use as you wish, but: Don't question me about it! This is not "my project" at all. I never even managed to compile it.

A few useful sites

AO-Universe has a lot of helpful guides.

Anarchy Arcanum A classic site, quite old but still useful.

Auno is the (classic) items database site. Although it's usually a few patches behind, it's still quite useful to search for items there, because of the attached users comments. Includes many item related tools also.

AOitems is another items database, usually more up to date than Auno.

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