ClickSaver 3.1.7 for Donators

The Clicksaver 3.1.7 Donator's Edition is the same as the regular 3.1.0 edition, with the following differences:
  • The "Press the [ ] button to continue" dialogs are removed.

    ClickSaver, press button to continue

  • (New in 3.1.7) Added the IotG (Items on the Ground) tab, to detect and log the location of items on the ground, including mission lifts (normal and boss), treasures, buffers (shadow rifts), mines, and of course, the target items in "Find Item", "Return Item" and "Repair" RK missions, which allows...


    (see video demo below)

    ClickSaver tab, IotG

    Read more about the 'IotG' tab

    Read more about Easy Item Blitzing

  • (New in 3.1.6) Replaced the Sliders tab, which is obsolete since mission sliders became persistent, with a new Mish QLs tab:

    ClickSaver tab, mission QLs

    Read more about the MishQLs tab.

  • Multiple Mission Auto-Accept and its related options, Buy List Mode and All Missions in Same Location which for some reason didn't work in 3.0.0, work again in the Donator's Editon.

    Read more about Multiple Mission Auto-Accept.

  • (Added in 3.1.7) The cs-res.log file, which includes details about the missions found by ClickSaver, now also reports the mission waypoints in macro format: /waypoint X Y PlayfieldCode

    ClickSaver cs-res.log file contents, with /waypoint highlighted

    You can copy&paste this information to anyone, so they can input it in the AO client command line, and make it to the mission building easily. Useful if you need help completing the mission, or want to sell or give away the key to someone so they can blitz the item-to-find you just rolled.

  • (Improved in 3.1.7) The Pause/Resume tracking AO focus option is more reliable now. While you're rolling, you can hit Alt-Tab or otherwise switch the application focus out of the AO client, usually because your boss or your mommy are around :p, and the ClickSaver Buying agent is running... window will minimize accordingly. Rolling will resume when you switch the focus back on the AO client.

  • (Improved in 3.1.7) Enable auto-accepted items: In the Items tab, the [ Enable This ] button now enables also the current item if it's marked as auto-accepted (AA). Previously it only enabled the disabled items, that is, items preceded with '*'.

  • (Improved in 3.1.7) Buy list (AA) mode status shown while rolling: The rolling status shown in the Buying agent is running... window will show
    • AA+ if you're auto-accepting with buying mode enabled, or
    • AAs if you're auto-accepting with buying mode disabled.

  • (Bugfixed in 3.1.6) The RPM (rolls per minute) speed reported by ClickSaver 3.1.0 and 3.1.5 was about 10% higher than the real thing, so for a real rolling speed of 30 RPM, the reported value was about 33. My fault! Bugfixed!

  • ClickSaver 3.1.6 RPM counter is shown with a decimal digit to help you twink the rolling speed. You can twink it by editing the parameter Wait milliseconds between rolls, which has been hard-coded to 2000 since I can remember.

    The peak speed I get in Spain with the traditional 2000 delay is about 26.4 RPM.

    After extensive testing, I get the best peak speed (29.7 RPM) with a 1500 delay. That means a 12.5% rolling speed increase in my case. Not terribly good, but not bad either! And I guess those of you who are based closest to the Anarchy Online servers can get better results.

    Of course, if somehow that's useful to you, you can set the delay higher than 2000 to accomplish a slower rolling speed.

  • And finally, ClickSaver Donator's Edition is personalized with your name and email, as shown below:

    ClickSaver, branded with name and email

What's coming in 3.1.8

I'm testing an improvement that should make Easy Item Blitzing even easier: After ClickSaver detects the target item, you will have the option of having its /waypoint copied to the clipboard, so you can then paste it to the AO command line, which will create a waypoint to the target item in the compass, and an "x" to it appear in the PF Map, so it will be even easier to get to it!!!

It's working fine in all of the missions I'm rolling, but I prefer to test it for a while still.

Even more features?

Needless to say, but: All these years I've been playing with ClickSaver, I've been silently developing many features for my own use, including:
  • Match two items from the item list in one mission: Useful for patient rollers who don't mind taking their time to roll a mission, but want to get two valuable items from it instead of just one.

  • Loot analyzer: When I open some remains, chest, etc, the contents are logged, analyzed and matched against a list of things I'm interested in, and an alarm sounds if anything worth picking is found. Also looks for items good enough as shopfood.

  • Alarm on Vicinity players or NPCs: Makes a sound when a player or NPC reaches my vicinity. Extremely useful to find wandering or pulled-out-of-their-spot NPCs in quests etc. Also useful when you're waiting to trade with some player, and in a lot of other occasions.

  • And a few more features suggested by donators.
These features are already functional in my Developer's Edition, but implemented with a minimal user interface.

The point is: The more donations I receive, the more likely is that I'll release some of those into the Donator's Edition, or perhaps even into the regular one.

Obviouslly, if people start sharing their Donator's Editions, donations will fall short and this is less likely to happen.

What you get as a ClickSaver-qualified Donator

  • The last version of ClickSaver Donator's Edition, with these new features.

  • Lifetime updates to any new Donator's Editions I release.

  • Preference in feature suggestions: Features suggested by donators are more likely to be released than those suggested by users of the regular 3.1.0 edition.

  • Access to my "Rollable Best Sellers" reports, when they're released, although this is a project still. No such report has been released yet.

  • The pride of knowing that you're contributing to the continued development of ClickSaver, that wonderful tool that has already helped you and the AO community so much!!!

So how do you get the Donator's Edition?

  • After hitting the [Donate] button below, enter a donation amount of at least 7,77 euros (or the equivalence in your currency). Donations below this amount do not entitle you to the Donator's Edition.

  • Enter your Paypal account or your credit card information to complete the donation.

  • After the donation is done, if you want, you can email me your branding information (NAME and EMAIL). Make 100% sure the email is correct or I won't be able to deliver your branded ClickSaver!!!

    If I don't receive specific branding instructions (which happens with about 80% of the qualifying donations) I use as branding information the NAME and EMAIL sent to me by PayPal in the donation statement, and I send the ClickSaver to that same email, which is more than enough for this purpose.

  • After completing the donation I will email you your branded ClickSaver Donator's Edition, usually the next day.

  • And here's the donate button to begin with: